CultureView Series

The CultureView Series provides context-specific insights into personal Coping Mechanism intensity and change, mind / brain information processing attributes and intelligences, and personality type, with a unique self-critique and assessment of workplace alignment.

When aggregated, these indicators provide an appreciation of the degree of cultural alignment with future trending, and can be used to spot weak signals of latent innovation, and hotspots or barriers to cultural alignment. This instrument lays a foundation for truly individualised cultural management practice, along with a cultural dashboard for making informed decisions across all aspects of design and alignment. Contexts include Work and Community. Other contexts are available upon request.


The CultureView Series includes:

CultureView 2

Provides information on eight indicators of individual and collective and alignment and flow. These include:

1. The Cultural Fit Factor. How does an individual fit the specific context of work or community? What are the collective patterns that result?

2. An analysis of cultural priorities: Trust, Respect, Principles, Profit, People, Profit, Planet.

3. Mindset: the relative intensity of active Coping Mechanisms in the range TribalBond to HolisticOrganism.

4. Perception of the dominant and desired organising codes and principles.

5. The relative intensity of change states and change readiness.

6. The dominant patterns / orders of change.

7. The degree of active change intelligences measured as Translational, Enterpreneurial, and Transformational.

8. The dominant information processing preferences measured on a continuum from high analogue to high digital.”

CultureView 3
The inclusion of a ninth indicator of personality type that assesses the degree of extroversion and introversion.
CultureView 4-1
In addition to the nine indicators of personal and cultural alignment and flow found in CultureView 3 this instrument measures the acceptance and rejection patterns of each coping mechanism.
CultureView 4-2
In addition to the eight indicators of personal and cultural alignment included in CultureView 2 this instrument measures the acceptance and rejection patterns of each coping mechanism.